EasyLetter - The German Letter Generator

This will be a KDE frontend for LaTeX. With this GUI you can enter the addresses of sender and receiver of a letter, subject, the text and some parameters. The program will then use LaTeX to generate a fine PS or PDF file of the letter looking like this. The corresponding .tex file should look like this.

The status is still ``planning'', so please be patient.

The author is: Robert Entner.


March 15. 2003

Uhhh! g-brief has been (or is being) removed from the tetex-extra package. This is because of the unclear license of g-brief :-( So my work on this project will probably be stalled until this problem gets resolved.

January 27. 2003

The GUI is nearly ready. Now I'm waiting for KDE 3.1 to be released, as the installation of my version is broken, and I cannot install the developer packages. Mainwindow1, Mainwindow2, Mainwindow3.

January 26. 2003

As I am already working on the GUI, the first screenshot of the main window is available.

January 10. 2003

The beginning! As I want to improve my C++ skills, I've started this open source project.

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